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To Schedule or Not to Schedule That is the Question?

Posted on: 09/27/2009

At various times this week, I have had this question in my head. I have tried to set a schedule, but I think that should be  a 4 letter word. I have ditched it in hopes that a less rigid routine would be better. That way the children knew what to expect, but it wasn’t set in stone. This was working, until this week. We were just going, going, going, and oh going again. Yesterday was the very first time that we have just stayed at home. We did not get everything done that I would of liked to this week. Heck, we barely did school. I struggle with this.  We had dental appointments on Monday & Wednesday, swimming & P.E. on Tuesday, Swimming and park day on Thursday and finally on Friday we had homeschool open swim and some running around to do.

I know that my children do better when they have a schedule or a routine to follow. They don’t ask what can I do? They do not spend as much time on the computer, video games or watching TV.  I also noticed that they did great some days where there was no schedule, but acted out on others.

I am sure that it was just the result of  an extremely busy week. It might not be busy for you, but for us that was a lot.  By the end of the week I just said well life was school. I know that it will not always be that way.  This coming week it will be a little bit less hectic. I will only need to be out of the house on 2 days. I am very excited and hopeful that the week will go a little bit better.

Do you have a routine or a schedule?


3 Responses to "To Schedule or Not to Schedule That is the Question?"

We have a routine, but I also don’t mind saying, “Oh, we were out all morning, but we can use the afternoon for work.”

Some days or weeks, I just let it go if we have been doing too much.

The routine is partially to keep my son feeling grounded and secure, and partially to keep me sane. 😉

I agree that there is a certain security in having a routine. Everyone knows where they will be and when. My children seem to thrive better on them, but when life throws that monkey wrench it gets complicated.

That’s what we do. We try to stick to a routine as much as possible, but if life happens, we just take it as it comes. LOL

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