Toes in the Sand

A New Goal

Posted on: 12/29/2009

I am going to try and once again plan my menu. I am hoping that this will solve the what’s for dinner question. It will also make me eat at home more.

Here my menu for this week:


Breakfast:quiche with roasted fingerling potatoes

Lunch: Spinach Boca Burgers(My kids LOVE them with spinach, cooked mushrooms and carmelized onions) & chips

Dinner: New World Chili (1,000 Vegan Recipes) over rice ****

Monday: Out


Breakfast: Bagels

Lunch: leftover manicotti

Dinner: soup and loaded baked potatoes


Breakfast: Roasted Veggie Frittata(1,000 Vegan Recipes)

Lunch: Untuna salad sandwiches, carrot sticks(park day)

Dinner: grilled tofu, roasted acorn squash rings and green beans

Thursday: New Year’s Eve

Breakfast: PB & banana stuffed french toast(1,000 Vegan Recipes)

Lunch: Teriyaki Tofu Wraps(1,000 Vegan Recipes)

Dinner: Make your own Pizza bar


Breakfast: Veggie sausage biscuits & smoothies

Lunch: free for all

Dinner: Pancakes, veggie meats


Breakfast: Coffee Cake & Deviled eggs

Lunch: cheese tortelini, salad and green beans

Dinner: Lentil Loaf, mashed potatoes(sweet & reg.) and??/

***We already had The New World Chili and we LOVED it! It was super easy to make. All 3 of my kids devoured it. ***


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