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My Unplugged Goals for 2010

Posted on: 01/03/2010

I was blog-hopping and saw a post about someone’s unplugged goals for 2010. Unfortunately, I cannot find that post now to give credit. If it was your idea please leave me a comment so that I may give proper credit.

In the spirit of that post I set out to make my own “Unplugged Goals”

1. Spend at least an hour outside everyday.

2. Take a walk in the rain with my kids. I know that I won’t melt.

3. Go camping more often.

4. Read aloud more.

5. Get back into sewing & cross-stitch.

6. Organize my mind a room a month.

7. Run or walk a 3K at Thanksgiving.

8. Encourage Fire Rat to run his 5K.

9. Spend more time with my kids one on one.

10. Weekly Date Nights with Fire Rat. They will most likely be at home, but  hey it  doesn’t matter where we are. All that matters is who we are with.

I am not sure if my final goal is in the spirit of unplugged. I would like to buy a radio to listen to Sirus with. My kids love to listen to the classical, jazz and Broadway music in the car. I would love to bring that into the house more. Right now we use our digital cable’s music channels. I would like to not use the television as much.

This is just a part of goals for this year. I have some personal ones as well. Do you make resolutions or goals?


2 Responses to "My Unplugged Goals for 2010"

I love these! I want to do a room a month this year too, only not just organize but fix all the zillions of things that are in need of repair in this old house. It’s a bit overwhelming but at least I hope to make each room *better* this year. 🙂

I know the feeling. i want to do repair the rooms as well. With three very active kids there are lots of little things that need to be fixed. I would also like to find a better way of organizing the rooms. My house is in short supply of storage space.

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