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10 Homeschool Things That I Want to do This Week

Posted on: 01/10/2010

The idea for this post came from Magic and Mayhem.  The latest post is entitled 10 Homeschool Things That I Want to do This Week. It was such a great post, I just had to copy it.

  1. Start a new read aloud. I am not sure which one yet, but I have a few to choose from.
  2. Take a walk in the woods.
  3. Do at least 3 art projects this week. One or more must have painting in them. Squirrel has been dying to paint. I would love to set up an area where she could paint all the time, but alas no space.
  4. Go swimming on Wednesday.
  5. Go to the library. We have not been since before we went to WDW.
  6. Memorize a winter poem.
  7. Visualization exercise. There will be a post about this later this week.
  8. Break out the microscope.
  9. Help the children get started on their animal studies.
  10. Play a game with each child this week.

What are your goals for this week?


3 Responses to "10 Homeschool Things That I Want to do This Week"

[…] View original post here: 10 Homeschool Things That I Want to do This Week « Toes in the Sand […]

what a fantastic idea! I’m going to think up my own list 🙂

I love this. I hope you don’t mind if I copy it for tomorrow.

I enjoy reading your blog! -A

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