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Homeschool Update

Posted on: 02/04/2010

We have taken it easy this week and followed the kids’ lead. The kids enjoyed playing with magnets the other day. Tracker’s favorite thing was using the magnets to move his mini monster trucks. Squirrel enjoyed building paper clip structures and Dragon just loved everything.  The kids’ eyes just lit up when I brought them out. It showed me that I will need to get over my science fear and jump right in.  Tomorrow brings just another step into science, chemistry class. It is all the children have talked about since Tuesday. They are just a little excited. The other new favorite is roller skating. The children are asking for skates. They don’t want roller blades, just skates. It has been a lot of fun watching them skate. I think that skates would be a great surprise gift for the children. They are still not very confident while on skates.

Next week, we will start swim lessons back up. We are thinking of joining the new YMCA here. We are discussing the pros and cons now. My biggest con right now is working out in an all glass workout room. I am very shy about working out in front of other people, oh and they are all sooo fit. Not me. LOL.

I am going to work hard this weekend on plans for the week. I need to get somethings together and try and get order to my house. I am a little relieved because my family works a little bit better on the run, plus I cannot wait to start working out on that bike again.


4 Responses to "Homeschool Update"

Thanks for your comment! It is so much fun when our kids get fired up about something, isn’t it? I say jump right in on the science stuff. Not sure how old your kids are but They Might Be Giants has a new science cd (we love their music…their ABC cd is also fabulous!).

Have a good weekend!

I love They Might Be Giants! I had a couple of their cds when the kids were younger. I will have to look for them.

I think that some of the most meaninful learning takes place when you just let the kids lead!

Your family might enjoy doing science experiments with candy. You can find some at:

They can learn about the science of sugar at:

You can all learn about the science of cooking in general at The Accidental Scientist, . I thought that might be up your family’s alley!

I have to admit, I’m a bit intimidated by science myself, even though my mom was a science teacher! Gulp!

I cannot wait to try those links! Thank you so much.

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