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A new version for 2010.


Available: no

Age: 35

Annoyance: not listening

animal: dolphin


Beer: No thank you

Birthday: Dec 3

Body part on opposite sex: my hubby’s smile.  There is nothing like seeing it light up the room.

Best weather: football weather..camping weather…beach weather

Been in love: I still am

Been on stage: Eighth grade play

believe in Magic: always

Believe in Santa: yes


candy:  Reese’s peanut butter cup.

color: blue

chocolate or vanilla: depends

chinese or mexican food: Chinese

Cake or pie: Cheesecake

Continent or county to visit: Italy, Greece, Ireland, Australia

Cheese: provolone


Day or night: late at night or early morning

Dancing in the rain: love it

Do the splits: haven’t done them since high school


Eggs: they are ok

Eyes: blue as the sky if I am happy. Steel grey if I am upset or sick

Everyone’s got: am opinion

Ever failed a class: Yep. Turns out it is because everyone else was sleeping with the man.


First thoughts waking up: Are the kids up yet?

Food: anything dh cooks


greatest fear: death

goals: get healthy

gum: extra

get along with parents: most of the time


Hair color: black at the moment

height: not too short, but almost shorter than Dragon

happy: most of the time

holiday: I like almost all of them.

hate: big word…don’t like to use it


Ice cream: chocolate soy ice cream

Instrument: played the flute, would love to learn the piano


jewelry: right now I have on my wedding band and firestone sapphire earrings

job: mom and wife


kids: 3 great ones

kickboxing or karate: would love to do both

keep a journal: I want to


longest car ride: 20 hrs home after a hurricane evacuation

love at first site: yep

letters: love to get them

laughed so hard you cried: last week


milk flavor: yuck

movies: Top Gun, pearl Harbor, Mrs. Magic, Harry potter(pick one), should I go on?

mooned anyone: nope

Motion sickness: nope

McD’s or BK? McD’s for fries


Number: 3

Number of siblings: 4 2 brothers and 2 sisters


overused phrase: turn it down, volume control, NO

one wish: to be less stressed

one phobia: only one?


places you’d like to live: Alaska

Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi, but not after the first

piercings: both ears with 2 in one


quail: pretty bird


Reason to cry: happiness

Reality T.V.: depends on the show

radio station: I like the one that plays it all

Roll your tongue in a circle: nope


Song: Once again, only one? Do you really want me to list them? OK, Alright, Living in Fast Forward, Why Don’t We Just Dance, Boom  Boom  Pow, Cheeseburger in Paradise….

Shoe size: 8.5-9

salad dressing: Mushroom vinaigrette, honey mustard

sushi: LOVE it..can’t have it until allergy testing is done

skipped school: nope, never

slept outside: yep

Sing in the shower: against everyone’s wishes. 🙂

strawberries or blueberries: both freshly picked


tattoos: not yet

time for bed: 11pm

thunderstorms: my favorite

TV: yes

Touch your tongue to your nose: nope


unpredictable: life


Vacation spot: a cabin in the middle of nowhere or WDW


which one of your friends act the most like you: None, they are normal

When you grow up: I want to be a stronger person

Who makes you laugh the most: my children

Worst feeling: can’t put it into words…ask any FF’s wife

worst weather: hurricanes


x-rays: too many to count


Year it is now: 2010

yellow: flowers


zoo animal: pandas

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

  1. Classified :: ads
  2. Praised :: approval
  3. Censored :: wrong
  4. 2010 :: new beginning
  5. Lamp :: off
  6. Alternate :: other
  7. Script :: handwriting
  8. Handsome :: boy
  9. Eager :: wanting
  10. Meeting :: together

If you would like to see more please check out LunaNina.

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