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Sometimes you are learning something when you least expect it. Here are some surprising learning opportunities that have happened in the past week.


~Dragon is writing a book about monsters and malls.  He has been using the computer to locate America’s largest mall. He then looked up a USA map to see where it was located in relation to Florida(evidently, some malls will be destroyed in his book.). This was not only writing and handwriting, but computer skills and geography.

~Squirrel wrote her pen pal.

~Tracker kept track of his Pokemon or Bakugan drawings.


~Pokemon cards & games. There is a lot more math there than you would think. The boys have been doing addition, subtraction, multiplication. They are also organizing and researching them online and in books. They have also been playing on their DS.

~Cooking. Dragon made dinner last night and Tracker helped with breakfast this morning.

~Allowance. A great game that helps kids learn how to make change and to deal with unexpected expenses. I believe that this is their new favorite game.

~Money, they have been counting their money and trying to figure out just what they could buy at the store. Squirrel was using a calculator to add.

~Measuring. I cannot remember what they have measured. But Tracker almost always has a tape measure on him lately.

~Olympics: keeping track of scores in snowboarding, curling, and skiing.



Serving sizes: what is a proper serving for children, for adults.

water vs. soda. We now have 2 pennies in soda to see what happens. So far   the pennies are looking worse and the metal is being eaten through.

risks of being overweight: this came from a TV show where there was an        overweight teen on the show. This struck close to home and started  the        entire thing.

why is water important.  The signs of dehydration

~Magnets are constantly being played with. Tracker’s favorite activity is to attach a magnet to a hot wheel and use another magnet to make it move.


~Olympics: locating various countries on the map

~Dragon’s story.


~squirrel drew an amazing picture of Shaun White on the half pipe. I am going to scan it and then send the original to Shaun White along with a letter of congratulations from the kids.

Physical Education

Swim lessons

Wii sports

jump ropes and hula hoops

riding bikes


We have taken it easy this week and followed the kids’ lead. The kids enjoyed playing with magnets the other day. Tracker’s favorite thing was using the magnets to move his mini monster trucks. Squirrel enjoyed building paper clip structures and Dragon just loved everything.  The kids’ eyes just lit up when I brought them out. It showed me that I will need to get over my science fear and jump right in.  Tomorrow brings just another step into science, chemistry class. It is all the children have talked about since Tuesday. They are just a little excited. The other new favorite is roller skating. The children are asking for skates. They don’t want roller blades, just skates. It has been a lot of fun watching them skate. I think that skates would be a great surprise gift for the children. They are still not very confident while on skates.

Next week, we will start swim lessons back up. We are thinking of joining the new YMCA here. We are discussing the pros and cons now. My biggest con right now is working out in an all glass workout room. I am very shy about working out in front of other people, oh and they are all sooo fit. Not me. LOL.

I am going to work hard this weekend on plans for the week. I need to get somethings together and try and get order to my house. I am a little relieved because my family works a little bit better on the run, plus I cannot wait to start working out on that bike again.

We were in Barnes & Noble today and I heard something that was music to my ears. I heard Tracker reading out loud. Yes I said reading out loud.  Fire Rat and I sat there with tears in our eyes listening to him read.  I heard: “Mom, I want this book!”. I cannot tell you how long I waited to hear that. I am going to surprise him with it this weekend. I cannot tell you just how proud I am.

The idea for this post came from Magic and Mayhem.  The latest post is entitled 10 Homeschool Things That I Want to do This Week. It was such a great post, I just had to copy it.

  1. Start a new read aloud. I am not sure which one yet, but I have a few to choose from.
  2. Take a walk in the woods.
  3. Do at least 3 art projects this week. One or more must have painting in them. Squirrel has been dying to paint. I would love to set up an area where she could paint all the time, but alas no space.
  4. Go swimming on Wednesday.
  5. Go to the library. We have not been since before we went to WDW.
  6. Memorize a winter poem.
  7. Visualization exercise. There will be a post about this later this week.
  8. Break out the microscope.
  9. Help the children get started on their animal studies.
  10. Play a game with each child this week.

What are your goals for this week?

Instead of doing my normal evaluations I thought that I would get the kids perspective. I had them each answer the following questions:

1. My best subject is ______.

2. I need the most improvement in __________.

3. If I could change one thing about our homeschool it would be ______.

4. I wouldn’t change this about our homeschool __________.

5. My educational goals for the rest of the year are.

6. The thing that I want to learn about before the end of the year is ______.

I thought that they did wonderful! They really thought hard. I was surprised how quickly some of the answers came.

Here are the answers:


1.  Math, it’s fun.

2. Reading

3.  Not doing it everyday.

4. No long days.

5. Finish my math book and read more books.

6. Snakes and sharks(surprise! NOT)


1. Math, it’s easy.

2. grammar and handwriting. I stink at handwriting.

3. go to the park more often

4. playing with my friends

5. read 21 books

6. arctic wolves and ice


1. writing, I like it so I do it more often.

2. math, I just can’t get it.  I just cannot master multiplication and division.

3. more scientific field trips.

4. I can’t think of anything to change.

5. Read 20 book and master my math facts.

6. Foxes and bats.

I think that I am going to do this more often. The children really liked doing this. It proved that their opinion is valuable. It also gives me a peek into their minds, which I just love.

During our last quarter we did an amazing lapbook on Beavers from Hands of a Child. My children loved it!!! I enjoyed being able to tailor the lessons to meet each of my children’s individual needs. Squirrel never felt left behind the boys. My children enjoyed the fact that their finished lapbooks looked different.  They are all looking forward to the next lapbook that we complete.

Last weekend we went the National Guard  Air & Ground Expo. My kids had a blast. I knew that Tracker would enjoy it, but I did not realize just how much Dragon & Squirrel got into it. We were all amazed to see all the planes, tanks, helicopters, tents, and various other military equipment.

Dragon’s favorite thing to see? The Golden Knights. He thought that it was really neat to see them jump out of the plane.


Squirrel’s favorite thing? Helicopters and this plane. What was so neat about this plane?? It was flown by a female pilot.


Tracker’s favorite thing? Tanks, tents, planes, and everything in between. His most favorite thing in the world…. meeting a real life “Cracker“.


Fire Rat’s favorite thing? The Cobra demonstration.


My favorite thing? Seeing my family so happy.

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