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I hope that you have a marvelous Valentine’s Day.


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I figured that I did not need to make a New Year’s Resolution this year. What I really need to make a life change. While we were at Walt Disney World I gained 5 pounds. I am very uneasy about this. I have also seen my pictures from Disney. YIKES! I was one of the fat people walking around. No wonder my cousin did not recognize me. It had nothing to do with my black hair, he has never seen my this heavy.

I am going to loose this weight. I told dh that when I did he had to take my back to Disney without the kids. He said Ok.


  1. My treat :: ice cream
  2. Bell ::school
  3. Five :: O’clock somewhere
  4. You’re crazy ::yep
  5. Disgust ::disappointment
  6. Tempest ::storm
  7. Bummer ::dude
  8. Brim ::hat
  9. Hose ::garden
  10. Lollipop :: laughter

As many of you might know, the children have been taking swim lessons for the past 2 years. We have used them during the morning for our home school’s P.E. For most of last year we had the same instructor, we did have a different for a brief period. This instructor would devote his attention to one child and not the other ones. He would not discipline the children and therefore not always have control of the class. He would also not get in the pool to demonstrate anything. The reason behind this is that there were 2 girls in the class. He did not want to be accused of doing something inappropriate.(Why would he be so concerned about this??) He did not last after that session. Imagine my disappointment when we showed up this session and he was once again our instructor.

I generally workout while the kids are in lessons. Last week I decided that I did not workout the entire time. Fire Rat and I were watching lessons. Here is what happened:

The kids were on the side of the pool. The instructor was in the water. Tracker started to splash the instructor, the instructor splashed back. Tracker splashed again and again. The instructor did not stop him or correct him. Squirrel was getting ready to start as well. This was obviously disrupting class. Fire Rat called down to Tracker..all he said was “T”.  Tracker immediately stopped. He did not do it again. Jump to the end of class this is the conversation that happened:

Instructor: Is this Tracker’s father?

Fire Rat: Yes

I: I would appreciate it from now on if you would not say anything during class. You have undermined my authority with the children. I like to let the children play a little bit.

Me: We would not of said anything if it had not been Tracker. Tracker tends to not know when to stop if you do not stop inappropriate behavior right away. He will keep doing it.

I: I can handle this. Parents speaking up will only undermine the teacher’s authority. It is the same way in any classroom.

We left the swim lesson upset. We know what we did was correct. He did not have control of the class. Dh left the class really upset.

Flash forward to yesterday.

I was watching the entire class because my kids wanted me to.After class the instructor stopped me again..

I: I noticed that “T’s” father has not been back to swim lessons since last week. I hope that I did not offend him last week.

Me: No he is on duty today.(I was thinking that he is working his tail off so that I could pay for these swim lessons).

I: Oh ok. I just wanted to make sure that I did not offend him.

Me: No he would have said something. But we did what we did because that is what Tracker needed at the time. He has a different personality that some children. He needs those firm boundaries. He cannot have them bend when it is in this type of enviroment.

I: S.C. Teachers are knowledgeable on how to deal with the different personalities of children. I do have a masters of education in the arts. Whether in preschool or 4th grade, I have noticed that children will push the boundaries when the parents are watching. They want to see who will answer first. They want to see who will tell them to stop.

Me: Yes I know, I am a former preschool  teacher.

After that the conversation ended. I was very offended by the comment, the teachers are trained to do this. They do not have the training of dealing with my son like I do. Even after he was advised that Tracker needed clear boundaries he did not do it.

I think that we have come to the end of our swim lessons with this particular swim instructor. We have been struggling with the idea to continue with swim lessons or not. This might have made the decision a little easier.

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